Short Bio

Learn, Obey, Sacrifice, Serve, Train, Love, Lead, Semper Fidelis with Charity and Respect.
I live by these watchwords.

I am a Retired Marine and Carpenter.

I am a convert to and member of “the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” (Mormons)
I have Fathered 11 children of whom eight still live on the Earth with us.
I have three ex wives and one ex live in and am currently married to my fourth wife who was sent to save me from obscurity.

I am a Vietnam Combat Veteran (Mar 68-Mar-69) with Marine Infantry (Mike Company 3/1 weapons platoon). I served a total of 22 years of Active Duty and 5 years of Reserve Duty with Broken Service from original entry in October of 1966 to Retirement in August 1995. Somehow, I was never sent into combat again despite spending another four tours with Infantry Combat Units in the 1980’s and being deployed to the Mediterranean Ocean three times.

I was born in Savannah, GA (1948) to a carpenter and homemaker as the first child of six. Grandfather Henry Barton was Cherokee with dark skin and curly black hair. Grandmother Barton was descended from Quakers. My mother told me her father was Cherokee and her Mother was a Jackson from SC. Grandpa Barton was a farmer and a carpenter. He could grow a garden anywhere. Granny Jackson Hiott was a teacher and a worker. She taught the Indian and Black children who were not allowed in the schools in her time. She told me Andrew Jackson was one of her relatives and she did not like him much.
I was raised as a carpenter and worker. My Father taught me how to be an artisan and self-supporting.

What time I spent out of the Marine Corps I was engaged in the Residential Construction industry as a Carpenter, Roofer, and Mason. At various times I worked as an hourly worker, piece worker, sub-contractor, or Contractor. Additionally I have extensive experience in remodeling and repairing old and newer homes with some Electrical and Plumbing experience in that area though I have never been licensed.

I have been a reader and student of history and the classics from an early age with a vivid imagination and am something of a dreamer. I have attended three colleges over a 30-year period studying Business. I pursued all aspects, administration, communication, finance, accounting, marketing and management.

I am intimately familiar with Management Information Systems and Computer Technology in General. I realized the prognosis, regarding the future of Computing, in the 1980’s while working at Jacksonville University as an Assistant Marine Officer Instructor with the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps. I also took that opportunity to complete some more of my college education in business management.

My serious writing and editorial experience started with my Business Communication Course at Jacksonville University where I learned (again) the basics of Research, Composition and Presentation of both Oral and Written Communications. The skills learned there were fine-tuned at my next and last duty station. I composed much of the correspondence of the S-3 shop I was assigned to in first SRIG at Camp Pendleton, CA, under the watchful eye of the SRIG Executive Officer. It was there I honed the skill of being clear, concise, and to the point on the whetstone of the XO’s standard of excellence.

I started my blogging career on Myspace at the height of the political turmoil surrounding the aftermath of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. The experience I have gained in researching for blogs and debating history, politics, and religion, has led me to where I am now. I feel compelled to stay in the fray and hopefully, to point the way out of it.

I am part Cherokee, part European, possibly part African, but I am sure that I am all American by birth and by choice.

Get onboard, Lead, Follow, or Get the Hell out of the way. The Train is leaving the Station and I am the Engineer.

Semper Fi,
Daniel David Barton, Senior
Gunnery Sergeant of Marines, Ret
“War Dog 6 Actual”
Founder and Chief Executive
War Dog 6 Nation

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